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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A to Z

Now that tests are over and we're able to get back to the fun of learning, we've been doing some alphabet challenges. Today's challenge was to think of an animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet, extra points for alliteration.

Student: I can't think of an animal for Q.
Me: I'm thinking of a bird that starts with Qu.
Other teacher in the room: It's not a SNAIL, but a......?
Student: Oh! I know! It's a Bald Eagle!!
Other teacher and I: ???
A few seconds later...
Same student: What was the clue again?
Other teacher and I: It's a bird here in Arizona, it starts with a Qu, and it rhymes with SNAIL.
Student: Oh! I know! It's a SQUAIL!

Shoulda gone for the quetzal...

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