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Sunday, April 26, 2015

In the Unlikely Event it Rains...

On a rainy Friday in the desert:

Me: Guys, PLEASE don't stomple in the puddles...I know it's very tempting!
Student, immediately after stompling in the puddles: Mrs. Butler? I made a bad choice. I stompled in the puddle.
Me: I see that.
Student: And now I'm  soaking wet. Just like you said.
Me: Indeed, you are.
Student: And now I'm stuck with wet shoes and socks for the rest of the day, because the nurse doesn't have extras, right?
Me: Yup.
Student: And you're probably going to tell me to suck it up if I complain, right?
Me: That sounds like something I might say.
Student: Okay, just making sure.
Me: You bet.

I love that we just GET each other.

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